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Q. Can I reserve a moonwalk through the website?
A. No. Our website, as well as our Facebook Page, serves as an online catalog of the products we have available to offer. To reserve, click on the tab Reservation Process.

Q. How far ahead of time do I need to reserve a moonwalk?
A. There is no time restriction of how far ahead of time you should make your reservation. We know everyone's life is hectic so we try to work around your schedule. As long as we have it available, we will get it to you! Even if you call the same day :) Of course to insure the product is available, it's always best to make reservations well ahead of time.

Q. What payment options do you offer?
A. As of now we accept only cash and checks. We are working towards getting a portable credit card machine.

Q. Is there a delivery fee?
A. We take this on a case by case basis. Usually we are pretty lenient   on not charging our customers a delivery fee unless the location is far away. See our Delivery Areas and Rates for more information.

Q. Are your moonwalks clean and sanitary?
A. We clean EVERY single moonwalk after EVERY rental. We want to ensure that all of our products are enjoyed to the fullest and that means keeping all our products in top shape.

Q. How many hours can we keep the moonwalk?
A.  We will work with your schedule and let you decide when you want us to drop it off and pick it up at no charge as long as it's the same day. If you want to keep it over night for an extra day, we charge an extra $20.

Q. Does Gravity Moonwalks offer any other party services besides moonwalks?
A. We are currently expanding our selection of services offered. As of now we offer moonwalks, water slides as well as tables and chairs. Tables are $8 each and chairs are $.75 each. If you rent a moonwalk, we give you 1 table and 6 chairs for $10.

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